New Year, New Job: How to Prepare

Write Legacy Notes

Imagine starting a new job without the training and tools to be successful. New employees, no matter their experience level, will have questions about rules and processes when entering a new organization. Co-workers or even managers may not know the answers to role-specific questions because the person who previously held the position never shared the details of their job. Don’t leave your current job without writing a guide for your successor.

Legacy notes are an outline of processes, rules, and resources that are needed to be successful in a role. Your legacy notes will serve as a base for success. As time goes along, your successor will tailor the guide using their voice, adding and deleting information as necessary.

Use Your Insurance

Are you overdue for an annual physical, dentist, or eye doctor appointment? Since you pay a monthly rate for coverage, don’t let your benefits at your current employer go to waste. Many employers have a probationary period before you can enroll in a benefits plan. So, if you delay your appointments now, you may have to wait six months before your insurance kicks in.

Take a Break

If you are financially able, take time off in between jobs. No one likes to miss a paycheck, but if your current organization pays out vacation time, your final check may be greater than or equal to the usual amount. Take a couple of days or weeks to relax and prepare yourself for change.

What steps do you take to prepare for a new job?

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