3 Things to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

We’ve all had those days where we scroll through Indeed searching for a new job during a well-deserved lunch break. But, is resigning from your current role the answer to your unhappiness at work? Ask yourself these three questions before you decide to escape your current workplace:

Did I Ask for What I Want? 

More money, an increase in responsibility, better balance, and flexible hours are all reasonable requests. Do not assume that because something has not been offered to you, that it will be denied when you ask for it. Failing to ask for what you want will contribute to your dissatisfaction at work, giving a sense of uncertainty that can diminish after one conversation. Allow your employer to say no to your request (or better yet, yes) before you resign.

Am I Running from Temporary Discomfort?

Conflict transpires in every organization. Ask yourself if you are seeking a new opportunity because of one bad decision, one annoying co-worker, or if the environment as a whole is not a good fit for you. Identify the cause of your discomfort, evaluate your reaction, and see how you can make the situation better. Focusing on what you can do to change will lead to better days at your current workplace and help you to handle the unexpected when beginning a job somewhere new.

What Do Other Companies Have to Offer?

Write down your workplace desires and align what you value with what other organizations have to offer. It is difficult to evaluate an organization’s culture based on a job description, which is why it is so important to interview the interviewer when meeting face to face. Have a conversation about your expectations from the company, be clear about your goals, and stay true to your values.

This list includes three of the many questions that run through the mind of a job seeker. Give yourself time to consider all options and make the decision that is best for your career.


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