Season of Giving

Time to Yourself

Many people associate giving with money.  We get wrapped up in thinking about décor, presents, and potlucks, but tend to neglect someone very important. Take a deep breath as you read about ways that you can give to yourself this season.

Clean Your Space

Take time to clean your room, desk at work, or your kitchen. Make your space an oasis. I am a firm believer that a cluttered space results in a cluttered mind. Getting organized is a form of free self -care that can make you feel better when you walk into a room. You may also benefit from cleaning your phone and email inboxes to organize your thoughts.

Take Time to Plan Ahead

Before I leave work, I write a to-do list for the next day. When I walk into work the next morning, I feel prepared because I know what needs to get done. My day does not always go as planned, but I am able to prioritize unexpected tasks without worry.

Take a Nap

Do not let people make you feel bad for taking a break. The “no days off” concept is not for everyone, and certainly not for me. Figure out your limits and allow your mind and body to rest.

Taking time for yourself is not selfish, its necessary,


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