Falling for Fashion

Step into the Store

In a world of constant browsing online, I still find value in the hands-on shopping experience. Here are a few reasons why:

I Still Love Trying on Clothes in the Store

Before making a purchase, I like to try on items, feel the fabric, and see how different the piece looks on me compared to the mannequin. When I make purchases in person, I rarely need to make a return.

I am Not Overwhelmed when Shopping

But, if you are, consider shopping at a local boutique. Boutiques have  brands you love that are found at department stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom. You will also find brands that are not commonly found in other stores. If you are not a fan of browsing through a thousand racks of clothes, boutique shopping may be the right it for you.

I Use Electronics for Everything Else

Shopping is one of those times where I put my phone down and enjoy the experience. It’s a simple way to decrease screen time for a couple of hours per week, even if you are just window shopping. You may even spark a conversation someone who inspires you.

Step into a store once in a while,


Shopping Etiquette

Last month our feeds were filled with gorgeous photos from fashion week. Many people use clothes to express themselves, but, how we act while purchasing those clothes is just as important as how we conduct ourselves while wearing them. Below are a few ways to put your best foot forward while shopping:

Have Patience

When you go shopping, be prepared to wait. You may have to wait for someone to look for your size, or you may have to wait in line to check out. We live in a fast-paced society, but sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy the experience.

Common Sense

We all know that common sense isn’t so common. But try to use your head, even when you’re frustrated. For example, cashiers don’t create coupons or the rules that they entail. If your coupon says a specific brand is not included…it’s not included. If you have to spend $75 to get $10 off, do not try to argue that you should receive a discount at $74.95.

Common Decency

Don’t be one of those people to drop something on the floor and say that its someone else’s job to pick it up. If you enjoy a clean shopping environment, contribute to it. This especially applies to DRESSING ROOMS. Many stores provide you with a rack inside the dressing room to place clothes that you don’t want, so don’t leave clothes on the ground. A messy store leaves less time for retail workers to be attentive to you as a customer.

Your words, actions, and attitude matter,


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