Goals for Chapter 23

1. Publish blog

One down, 22 to go😊

2. Work out at least 3 days a week.

This sounds simple, but I struggle with working out consistently, even when paying for a membership!

3. Get out of bed when my alarm goes off without hitting snooze every 9 minutes.

A little extra time in the morning goes a long way.

4. Create and follow a consistent skin care regimen.

Finding the right mask, toner and exfoliator can be expensive and frustrating yet rewarding. Currently, my two favorite products are Angels on Bare Skin and Bunny Moon from Lush.

5. Take mini- breaks from Illinois.

I have a trip planned to DC this month. New York, Paris, and Italy are the top three on my destination list (not for this year, but at some point in life)

 6. Be more creative when I cook.

There is more to life than pasta and salad (my go to).

7. Join a professional organization.

I want to connect with other young professionals in the field of Human Resources.

8. Volunteer more often.

Don’t underestimate the power of donating your time.

9. Visit restaurants and stores on my Chicago Wishlist.

Rooftop brunch here I come!

 10. Pay more attention during church services, allowing my mind to wander less.

Sometimes I walk out of service and ask, “now what was the sermon about?”

11. Stick to my savings goal

I want to become a homeowner one day, so, it’s time to save. I use excel to budget for expenses, and I take out cash on the weekends instead of using my debit card at stores and restaurants. This is a mental trick that helps control how much I spend.

12. To stop being afraid of sharing my ideas in the workplace.

A good idea is useless if it is not put into action.

13. Stick to my student loan repayment plan.

I am referring to my own plan, not the one calculated by Navient. I will not be stuck paying for undergrad over the next 10 years.

14. Learn more about investments.

I have an IRA, but what does that really mean? Where else should I invest?  

15. Try something new at least once a month.

It is very easy to fall into the weekly routine of church, work, sleep, and repeat. I want to try things like new restaurants, or inexpensive things like hiking, taking new route to work, or interacting with someone new. Everything does not require making your wallet cry.

16. Read more often.

This includes articles, books, HR magazines, etc. I am currently reading Mixed Emotions by Andrew Nguyen & Pauleanna Reid.

 17. Speak up when something gets under my skin.

Allowing emotions to build up only makes situations worse.

18. Read my devotions when I am not half asleep.

 Because I shouldn’t doze off during prayer.

19. Keep my room tidy on a consistent basis.

A cluttered space = a cluttered mind.                      

 20. Figure out my next career goal.

Right now I am an HR Generalist, one day I want to specialize in something. There are many things that you can do within HR such as training, compensation, benefits, equal opportunity, etc.

21. Focus on reconciliation and not making sarcastic “jokes” about the past.

We’ve all done it, but we shouldn’t hold people to things that happened in the past. Allow yourself to heal and move on.

22. Create and maintain more meaningful relationships.

“We are not created to live in isolation” is a powerful message I received while reading my devotion.

 23. Worry less, act more.

Worry and doubt will stop you from chasing opportunity.

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